Rated: PG
Release Date: 03/29/2024
Production Company: Capelight Pictures/Blue Fox Entertainment

Capucine Sainson-Fabresse, Corinne Masiero, Lucie Laurent and of course LOU, the cat!

Director: Guillaume Maidatchevsky. Producers: Jean-Pierre Bailly and Stephane Milliere. Executive Producer: Jean-Pierre Bailly. Screenwriters: Guillaume Maidatchevsky, Michael Souhaite and Maurice Genevoix. Cinematographer: Daniel Meyer.
By: Lana K. Wilson-Combs

After watching the new movie, "A Cat's Life," with my husband Rickey, I may be a step closer to finally getting my own little kitty cat. Rickey, a devoted dog lover, surprised me by genuinely enjoying this movie. He even went so far to ask if I still wanted a cat. The fact that he's been discussing "A Cat's Life" days after we saw it is huge.

With my birthday right around the corner, well, I'm secretly hoping this might be the gift I've been waiting for. It's taken a long time to convince him we should get a cat.

However, I won't have to sell cat lovers on how amazing cats are or how touching and outstanding "A Cat's Life" is. Plus, it's always good to see real cats get the big screen treatment.

"A Cat's Life," from writer/director Guillaume Maidatchevsky ("Kina & Yuk") and co-writer Michael Souhaite ("Prozac tango"), is based on the 2023 French novel "Mon chat et moi, la grande aventure de Rrou" by Maurice Genevoix.

The movie centers around a French girl named Clemence (Capucine Sainson-Fabresse, "Little Nicholas Treasure") who finds and befriends an adorable kitten in her attic. She names him Lou. He's the perfect companion and escapism that Clemence needs especially since her parents Isa (Lucie Laurent, "Sage-homme") and Fred (Nicolas Casar-Umbdenstock, "After the Fire") aren't getting along and are nearing divorce.

It's not long before Lou becomes an essential part of the family. They take him along on a trip to their cabin in the woods. When they arrive, Lou is curious and eager to experience the outdoors. That's until he comes in contact with Rambo, a huge Mastiff dog and his owner Madeleine (Corinne Masiero, "Rust & Bone"), a weird, but friendly neighbor who enjoys the quiet of the area and makes sure that Rambo doesn't harm the cat. Lou’s next escape into the woods takes a treacherous turn when he becomes lost and encounters a formidable owl, feral felines, and a stealthy bobcat.

Still, Clemence holds out hope that Lou will survive the harsh elements and find his way back home.

"A Cat's Life" has tender and dramatic moments, notably when Lou becomes trapped in barbed wire and looks as if he's not going to survive.

Since this is a family movie, "A Cat's Life" has a happy ending. Rambo and Madeleine find Lou, bring him home and nurse him back to life.

Clemence realizes that Lou isn’t the same cat she raised. Now, she has to make a tough decision on what is best for him.

"A Cat's Life" emphasizes the importance of family and friends, both human and four legged furry ones. It's a heartwarming and "purr-fect" tale of resilience, faith, and compassion.

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Year Released: 1975
Running Time: 109
Production Company: Paramount Pictures
Director: Berry Gordy, Tony Richardson and Jack Wormser
Director of Photography: David Watkin
Screenwriter: John Byrum and Toni Amber
Author: Lana K. Wilson-Combs


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