Rated: R
Release Date: 02/09/2018
Production Company: Universal Pictures

Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Kim Basinger, Arielle Kebbel, Max Martini
Brant Daugherty, Luke Grimes and Rita Ora.

Director: James Foley. Producers: Dana Brunetti, Michael De Luca, E.L. James and Marcus Viscidi. Screenwriters: Niall Leonard and Author E.L. James;
"Fifty Shades Freed." Cinematographer: Josh Schwartzman.
By: Lana K. Wilson-Combs

Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan turn up the heat in “Fifty Shades Freed,” the climatic and final installment from the steamy, erotic trilogy of books by author E.L. James.

It’s hard to believe the once coy and shy Anastasia Steele (Johnson) was able to put enough whip appeal on Seattle billionaire Christian Grey (Dornan) and make him settle down.

The newlyweds are definitely enjoying their first taste of marital bliss and their lavish, jet-setting lifestyle seems perfect. They never argue over money and the “Red Room,” complete with all its pain and pleasurable delights, still gets put to exhilarating, good use.

But it doesn’t take long before the honeymoon is over and the two are at odds over small things initially which later spiral out of control.

Anastasia wants to keep her name and her publishing career. The jealous and controlling Christian objects to anything that keeps Anastasia away from his sight.

Anastasia also can’t seem to get past all the attention that comes from having a wealthy husband and being a kept woman. She even has a hard time dealing with the hired help calling her “Mrs. Grey” too and offering to take care of her every whim. Most women would consider these things a minor issue, but for Anastasia, it’s burdensome.

However, all this pales in comparison to the bigger problem lurking in the shadows. While enjoying their European honeymoon, Christian learns that his corporate headquarters in Seattle has been broken into by Jack Hyde (Eric Johnson, TV’s “The Alienist”), Anastasia’s creepy and insanely jealous ex-boss and wannabe boyfriend.

Jack still can’t get over Anastasia dumping him and essentially ruining his life. Now, he’s ready to make Anastasia and Christian pay. Or so he thinks.

“Fifty Shades Freed” director James Foley (TV’s “House of Cards”) and screenwriter Niall Leonard leave no stone unturned here. They provide enough sex and sizzle both in and out of the “Red Room” and faithfully tie up all the loose ends to this story which fans of the book should appreciate.

Even Christian’s brother, Elliott (Luke Grimes, “The Magnificent Seven”) is looking for love and may find it from someone wanting to come between Anastasia and Christian.

“Fifty Shades Freed” should also have enough legs to keep audiences revved up at least through Valentine’s Day. It’s a lust/love story with a happy ending.

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Halls Of Anger Title: Halls Of Anger
Year Released: 1970
Running Time: 96
Production Company: Mirisch Corporation
Director: Paul Bogart
Director of Photography: Burnett Guffey
Screenwriter: John Herman Shaner and Al Ramus
Author: Lana K. Wilson-Combs

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