Rated: PG-13
Release Date: 04/22/2022
Production Company: XYZ Films

Lelia Symington, Tyler Posey, Vico Escorcia, and Patricia Velásquez.

Director: Eve Symington. Producers: Eve Symington, Nikit Doshi and Jordan Michaud-Scorza. Executive Producers: Eve Symington. Screenwriter: Eve Symington. Cinematographer: Emillie Silvestri.
By: Lana K. Wilson-Combs

"Brut Force" sounds like the title of one of Fred Williamson's 1970s action packed thrillers, but it's actually an intriguing film noir about crime and corruption in California's beautiful wine country.

"Brut Force," marks the directorial/screenwriting debut of Eve Symington and the movie features Symington's younger sister Lelia as Sloane Sawyer.

After being fired from her Los Angeles Magazine reporter job, Sloane returns home to her family's winery and discovers that some of the migrant vineyard workers are being targeted and bullied by a few of the locals.

Apparently, these residents have issues with the family's land ownership. In addition, politics, money, the working class, and a few corrupt cops are part of the combustible mix here too.

You wouldn't know just by looking at Sloane that she comes from a wealthy family. She's unassuming and drives an old, beat-up Toyota and isn't a flashy dresser, but she's smart and confident and isn't one to mess with as one of the guys in the neighborhood learns the hard way.

Sloane's mother recently died and her vintner stepfather, Arthur (Sidney Symington, TV's "Law & Order") runs the small and lucrative winery/vineyard. Sloane isn't even all that into wine and prefers a good craft beer over Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. However, she's aware that if anything happens to her stepfather, this lovely grape juice factory is all hers.

When Sloane begins staking out the vineyard at night to see who is creeping around, she's being watched too. She starts asking questions at the police station and her ex-boyfriend (Chase Mullins, "The Marksman") who now works as a cop, warns her to mind her own business.

Things become even more heated and dangerous when a young and attractive female worker named Dulce (TV's "Coyote Hills") goes missing. Then, a rival vineyard matriarch, Mariela Vicuna, (Patricia Velasquez, TV's "List of a Lifetime") arrives and she might be at the center of this spiraling mystery. It doesn't help matters when Mariela's son, Tico Reyes (Tyler Posey, "Teen Wolf: The Movie") meets Sloane and soon falls for her. Watch this guy. He has an agenda as well.

Director Symington guides "Brut Force" with skill and precision and keeps viewers on edge and invested with the parade of interesting characters that fill this twisty and sordid drama.

"Brut Force" is available on Video-On-Demand.

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Director of Photography: Gayne Rescher
Screenwriter: Raymond St. Jacques
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