Rated: PG-13
Release Date: 05/03/2019
Production Company: Sony/Hidden Empire

Meagan Good, Dennis Quaid and Michael Ealy.

Director: Deon Taylor. Producers: Roxanne Avent, Victoria Bullock, Karicean Karen Dick, Damien Douglas, Omar Joseph, Brad Kaplan, Heather Kritzer, Jonathan Schwartz and Darcy Wild. Executive Producers: Mark Burg, David Guillod and David Loughery. Screenwriter: David Loughery. Cinematographer: Daniel Pearl.
By: Lana K. Wilson-Combs

Last year, Sacramento filmmaker Deon Taylor garnered critical acclaim for his insightful, indie drama “Traffik” which starred Laz Alonso, Omar Epps and Paula Patton.

Now, thanks to Sony/Screen Gems, Taylor is back with the exciting and bigger budget psychological thriller, “The Intruder.” The film stars the ridiculously handsome and talented Michael Ealy ( TV’s “Being Mary Jane”), the exceptional Meagan Good (“Shazam”) and a superb Dennis Quaid (Upcoming, “A Dog’s Journey”).

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Charlie Peck (Quaid) has a gorgeous house in Napa, California that he’s just put on the market. He doesn’t really want to part with it, but his daughter has moved to Florida and he says they should be closer to each other.

That’s good news for house hunters Scott and Annie Russell (Ealy and Good). They are a young married couple living and working in San Francisco. They’d like to raise a family in a smaller and quieter setting other than San Francisco. Scott works for a big-time advertising firm and Annie writes for several women’s magazines. So, they’re doing more than alright.

When Annie discovers that Charlie’s house is for sale, she immediately wants to see it. As soon as they pull up to the palatial estate, you can tell by the look on her face that she really wants this place.

It’s a super nice house.

They are greeted by Charlie (Quaid) who has just killed a deer within a few feet of them. They try not to let that strange moment ruin their time with him, but there’s something really odd about this guy.

Scott senses it more than Annie, but they’re willing to hear him out and take a tour of the place.

The décor is a little dated, but that’s no big deal. If only they had asked to see every room in the house—including the basement, things might have turned out differently for them.

The house is listed at $3.5 million.
Charlie is even willing to knock a few more dollars off. When Scott realizes Annie loves the place, well, he seals the deal.

Charlie is eager to give them all the info they need about the house and then some. In fact, Charlie can’t seem to let go of the place and he shows up way too often and offers to do some of the strangest things like mow the lawn.

Scott is starting to become extremely annoyed by Charlie, but Annie feels Charlie is just a lonely guy in need of company. She also likes his downhome appeal. However, her opinion changes when things start to go bump in the night and their best friend Mike (Joseph Sikora, TV’s “Power”) suddenly is missing.

Charlie is really insane in the membrane. And what happened in that house should have been revealed by the realtor to Annie and Scott before they signed on the dotted line.

There are so many unnerving and terrific moments in “The Intruder” that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
Michael Ealy and Meagan Good should get a “Best On Screen Couple Of The Year Award” because they have such great chemistry here.

Dennis Quaid, who always plays the nice likeable guy in movies, is just sensational in this role. He goes full beast mode.

Deon Taylor didn’t set out to reinvent the home invasion thriller with “The Intruder,” but, with what he brings to it and the outstanding performances he gets from this stellar cast, “The Intruder” sure is a welcome addition to the genre.

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